Dynamic Solar Energy Capture

Let the sun power your adventure…

Seal is a dynamic solar energy capture system designed to operate optimally on sail and powerboats. The system can accommodate both electrical energy capture through photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels and thermal energy capture using a stainless mirror and a solar collector. It is the only solar panel of its type because it not only tracks the sun as it moves across the sky, it also accommodates the ever-changing direction of the sun relative to a boat. Together, these two features ensure that the panels will receive constant sunlight throughout the day. The construction materials – 7075 aluminium, 316 stainless steel and composite materials – will withstand the rigours of a marine environment for decades.

Since the elevation angle of the sun is never very high in Canada, a fixed flat panel can be only about 50% efficient at high noon and only 5% at sunrise and sunset.  By pointing the panel directly at the sun at all times, Seal will be able to achieve close to 86% efficiency throughout the day. This means that one Seal panel can provide the same power as two or three flat-mounted panels, yet occupy only one third the space on the boat.

Because Seal is mounted off the stern of the boat, it doesn’t use any of the space on a crowded deck and, further, it is ideally positioned to collect the maximum sunlight.

We use solar panels that exhibit superior build quality and electrical performance and are treated with a non-stick coating that prevents dust/stain buildup.

Seal is designed to be easy enough for even a novice to install. The projected lifespan of the system is at least 20 years. The modular design allows parts to be replaced or upgraded easily by a person with no special training.