Wiser Marine Technologies Ltd. is a high-tech company that focuses on providing cutting-edge, green alternatives to existing marine-oriented products, services, and equipment. With most of its products derived from recent academic research, we are active in the fields of dynamic solar energy capture and augmented reality navigational equipment.

Our marine solar-capture systems aim at maximizing the power output provided by solar panels on sail and power boats by employing a dynamic sun-tracking assembly. 

Our navigational equipment caters to the yachting market by providing captains and their crews with immediate access to vital, real-time visualization of the operating environment as well as their vessel’s status. 

Incorporated in April 2019, the company emerged from the collaboration between an augmented reality marine visualization research project conducted at the University of Victoria, the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and the Coast Capital Innovation Centre. The IEEE-published award-winning technology is being brought to market by its primary researcher and company founder, Ed Wisernig, PhD.

Wisertech is based in Victoria, BC. Its immediate market is comprised of sailors and yacht owners on the West Coast of British Columbia and the American Pacific Northwest. Working with a strong team of talented visionaries, we are committed to continuing to invest in R&D to support the company’s growth. Wisertech will continue to develop modern, green, sustainable technological solutions to the challenges sailors face.